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in Diego-city in 12 days

DAY 1 : Arriving at the airport to meet your guide. Transfer you to the hotel.


DAY 2 :  riding bike from Diego to the new three bays (Antalaha bays, Abakao bays and ampondrafeta bays which is undiscovered destination. All along the way you will find lot of surprise as the hidden beauty of the nature. Camping in one of the the three bays mentioned above.


DAY 3 : Moving to another bay and overnight in the nearby village to meet the local people and the fishermen.


DAY 4 : morning departure, heading to ramena beach, taking fisherman’s boat into emerald sea the extraordinary beach to camp on the mainland.


DAY 5 : Sailing back to ramena beach where you take your bike to Diego in order to relax in the hotel.

DAY 6 : collecting much energy in the city.


DAY 7 : Early morning departure, to camp d’Ambre the peak of Madagascar. Sleeping in the middle of nowhere where you feel tired.


DAY 8 : Continuing your adventure into the main destination, the peak of Madagascar. Overnighting here.


DAY 9 : Walking around the area including climbing up the lighthouse.


DAY 10 : Riding back along your way to Diego Suarez. Sleeping in the reaching place where you feel tired.


DAY 11 : Keep riding into Diego into your hotel to make massage and stretch-out your leg.

DAY 12 : You are free, whether you want to continue your excursion by car or transferring you to the airport   


If your itinerary is not among those, please let us know what you dream to do and to see; we will be grateful to answer your request on your message.

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