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One day tour in Nosy-Be, One day tour in Diego-Suarez


       NOSY IRANJA : excursion in nosy iranja,the paradise isle reserved for you beach lover.

(for only 89€/pax ; minimum 2 pax)

              Activities : swimming, snorkeling,visiting the lighthouse,relaxing on the beach . 

              Means of transport : speed boat

       NOSY TANIKELY AND NOSY KOMBA : excursion in nosy komba and nosy tanikely.

(for only 67€/pax ; minimum 2 pax)

              Activities : spotting  lemurs,taking picture of the boa,cameleon,turtle and vanilla plantation,then snorkeling and swimming in nosy tanikely to discover the underwater treasures as the multi colored fish,coral…

              Means of transport : spead boad

       ISLAND TOURS OF NOSY-BE : Driving around the island of nosy be starting from the port to the city (market) Mont passot.

(for only 98€/pax ; minimum 2 pax)

              Activities : looking around the city,visiting the ylang ylang plantation,and oustanding view on mount passot.

              Means of transport : four by four (SUV)


       THREE BAYS : The second largest bays after RIO OF JAINERO.

(for only 75€/pax ; minimum 2 pax)

              Activities : taking picture of the sugar loaf,mangrove,baobabs,swimming, relaxing

              Means of transport : car (four by four ; SUV)

       EMERALD SEA : the most amazing mainland where you can stretch out your leg and making picnic lunch as tasting the malagasy cuisine like grilled fish,crab sauce, rice with coconut milk…

(for only 100€/pax ; minimum 2 pax)

              Activities : sailling, relaxing ,swimming,picnic lunch…

              Means of transport : Car and boat

       AMBER MOUNTAIN : The first created natonal park in madagascar which is important for the surroundings by supplying water including the town of antsiranana.

(for only 91/pax ; minimum 2 pax)

              Activities : on the way spotting cameleon, walking inside of the forest to discover the second tiniest cameleon in the world,waterfalls,indigenous trees,probably seeing lemurs and other animal species.

              Means of transport : four by four (car)

       RED TSINGY : Long drive from diego to the red tsingy ; the unique phenomenal that made by the erosion. The red tsingy is the sandstione colored by the laterit soil to give its colour and make it impressive.

(for only 86/pax ; minimum 2 pax)

              Activities : visiting the tsingy,walking,beautiful landscape, landscape…

              Means of transport : car (four by four)


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