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9 days 8 nights | 1.080€/persons | minimum 2 persons


Arrival at the airport of diego to meet the local guide and the driver whom taking you to the hotel to check-in. Next,after leaving your stuffs in your room,going for an excursion by visiting the most famous three bays in Madagascar such as the Sakalava bay,pigeon bay and the dune bay. Why visiting those bays,because you need to relax after your flight from antananarivo the capital of madagascar including swiming,walking a bit to look around the bay, spoting cameleon on the way,visiting french mountain,picturesque sugar loaf sitting in a middle of the ocean surrounded by the magnrove.Touching the huge baobab bringing lucks for everyone because baobab are called the mother of the forest. They overwhelming us by giving shade. For those who like kitesurfing and windsurfing,the second best place to do it so here at sakalava bay thanks the varatraza typical wind blowing from the east giving you fun riding and soaring above.In addition you will  learn also the history occured in diego suarez during the WW2 in 4th may 1942 witnessed by the cannon,ford and infrastructures…lunch will be taken in ramena beach the unique beach for sunset and having delicious grilled-fresh fish,tasting the local food as rice and local bevarage as three horses beer if you would like so. Then back to the hotel in the evening if you can’t wait til the sunset.


 After your breakfast,the guide and the driver will pick you up to your hotel to drive you to the mounain of amber(amber mountain) to hike under the tall  trees to explore the fauna and flora which are endemeic in the place or in madagascar. The amber mountain NP is one of the first existing national park in the country of madagascar whereas diverse animals live in and suplies water for all the surroundings include the city of diego suarez.the walk endure 4 hours or more to spot the second smallest cameleon in the world(brookesia minima),to see waterfalls,crater lake,the king of camouflage,lemurs…After the visit,lunch will serve in joffre ville restaurant. Then back to diego suarez for city tours.



 day excursion in emerald sea. You sail from ramena beach by the fisherman’s local boat through the entree of the port of diego suarez called « the pass » to reach the out standing emerald sea.It is a crystal-cleared water with emerald color and white sandy beach,white sandy depth.Here you chilling yourself by swimming again,taking a rest on the beach to sleep or you can go snorkeling with the capitain of the boat until the lunch is ready(grilled fish again,crab sauce,rice with coconut milk,fried potatoes,three horses beer,coke… and so on. After lunch,relax again before quiting the paradise beach back to ramena. Then you have a choice for the rest of the day whether spending your time in ramena or go back to the hotel straightly.



Leaving diego suarez,driving into the famous red tsingy(sandstone ) which is made by the erosion.Its phenomenal is unique in the entire world. You will be amazed by the colour and the landscape. The visit will quickly finish because you have another attraction of the sacred antagnavo lake where you are likely find living nile crocodile on the lake. They are the representative of the ancestors to get used to people to feed them every ceremony.Lunch either in the Red tsingy or anivorano city, then take a route wards black lemurs camp.



day walk inside of the reserve to have a look at black lemurs which unique in this place.The local guide will show you around the forest and night walk also will be organized in the place to test your eyes in finding the mouse lemur,overnight at black lemurs camp.



Departure at 9 in the morning to quit the hotel to climb the not usual tourists hill,with its fabulousness to blow your mind away,the pilgrimage of the catholic with a tremendous view 360°,then walking along the village of the saphirs’ miner in Ambondromifehy and andranonakoho. Ovenight in ankarana



Full day visit inside in the national park of ankarana where you will discover the different tsingy toward the red one. In this national park,the main attraction will be done depending on your zeal to go across the hanging bridge. It will give you lots of keepsake thanks to the energy you lose during the hike ; rocky landscape is so gorgeous, the lookout is impressive,the forest beauty will surprise you during your visit. Around noon,picnic lunch will serve either at the camp or at the restaurant. Therefore in the afternoon,exploring the bat cave in which you will discover the concretio as stalactite and stalagmite.Bird watching is perfect for the twitcher.



 Morning departure to Ankify to go cross the city of Ambilobe where the antakarana kings live. Ambilobe is the city of the antakarana tribe whereas mahavavy river provide water for this warm city. Continuing to the cocoa and vanilla plantation in ambalavelona ambanja. Lots of produc will be shown in front of you as spices(vanilla,variety of peper,cocoa…then arriving to ankify,transfering you to Nosy be via speed boat.In the afternoon,relax at the hotel after the long   


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